The Combine

July 27-28 2024 in Fowler, Indiana. 

The class will be held at Briggs Core Dynamics Range

The Combine


The Combine is a challenging course designed to introduce students to a variety of skills and concepts that are likely to be called upon in a deadly force situation.


You’re gonna learn how to fight with a handgun and without one


Topics include:

  • Striking
  • Distance Management
  • Transitional Striking Skills
  • Clinch Control Strategies
  • Takedowns
  • Ground Fighting Tactics
  • Accessing weapons
  • Defending weapon access
  • Observation and early threat detection
  • Defensive shooting fundamentals
  • Bleeding control and other emergency medical interventions
  • Scene management
  • Protecting others

Ryan Stephens and Daniel Shaw

Twenty Years Ago

Daniel and Ryan first met when stationed together at the Marine Corps Security Forces Training Company in Chesapeake, VA. Daniel ran the combat weapons program and Ryan ran the martial arts and combative program for MCSFTCO.

Now, Ryan is a first degree blackbelt in BJJ and Daniel is a renown firearms and individual skills teacher. Today, they train, coach, and continue to serve together at Gray Beard Forge MMA. A nonprofit organization that leverages mixed martial arts and fitness to provide community and support to veterans and first responders. 









Class Only


Class + 500 Rds of 9mm


Ways to Register


Registration is easy. Send payment to one of the below methods along with an email to with your name and class date. Please email any questions.

There will be a $25 range fee each day at the range. 


Cash App





Gear List

  • Full on SWAT/Tactical gear or plain clothes (you will get dirty)
  • A handgun chambered for a common defense caliber
  • A quality (non-collapsing) IWB or OWB holster
  • At least 3 magazines or 4 speed loaders/strips for revolver shooters
  • 500 handgun rounds
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection